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Chellaston is a thriving suburb to the south of Derby.  Situated close to the A50 and the M1 it has seen rapid growth in the last few years, with new estates being built to the east and west of the old village centre.  Chellaston was internationally famous for its alabaster production in the 14th and 15th centuries, with gypsum being extracted until 1978.  This extraction resulted in the removal of large quantities of clay, which remained untouched until the late 19th century, when brick making commenced.  Many properties in and around Derby were constructed from Chellaston Bricks.  The brickworks closed in 1978 along with the gypsum pit.

This is very different from the Chellaston of today.  With the construction of the A50, the A514 through the village became a major route to the industrial estates of Sinfin and a feeder into the city of Derby.  This has resulted in daily problems of congestion, pollution and noise.  Years of fighting by the Chellaston Residents' Association for a weight limit has resulted in a success.  The fight has been long and hard, but is one example of the need for the Association.

Chellaston Residents' Association is a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring that the interests of residents are represented at all levels.  We are in daily contact  with local authorities, MPs, police and decision makers.


 We are here to make Chellaston a better place to live.


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