Chellaston residents' association



The 100Club is a fundraising venture set up to finance the Chellaston Residents’ Association.

There does not need to be exactly 100 members.
Each ticket is £4 per month and half will be awarded as prizes and half to the fund.
The prizes will be 25% collected as first prize, 12.5% second prize and 2 x 6.25% as two third prizes each on the last Saturday of each month.

The CRA is non-political and is open to all Chellaston residents 16 and over. In addition to representing residents through campaigns, we work on  small scale  projects to improve the local area.  By producing a newsletter about 3 times per year, a monthly page in Chellaston Choice and this website we hope to engender a community spirit within Chellaston.

Please contact us with message '100club' and we will then arrange for the method of payment.

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